Digital Workbench

Housing Analytics Workbench Tools

The Housing Analytics Workbench Tools of the AHDAP project is an online workbench comprising a series of main functions of four tools: AHAT, Envision, Australian Property Market Explorer and WhatIf? It consists of a suite of analytical and decision-support tools for urban planners, researchers and industry. It allows evidence-based decision-making and leading-edge research around Australia’s towns and cities.



A digital planning tool that informs strategic planners on (i) suitable land for future housing, (ii) housing demand and (iii)future urban growth based on inputs including:  population forecasts,  vacancy rates, serviceable land and other factors.

Envision offers a flexible map based multi-criteria evaluation tool to understand redevelopment potential and  assist with precinct level planning.

Affordable Housing Assessment Tool (AHAT) is designed to calculate the impact of different cost and subsidy parameters on housing affordability. This tool models the financial impacts of a range of policy mechanisms and levers to meet the costs of providing housing for a given mix of housing needs groups.

The Australian Property Market Explorer (APME) is an online, visual exploration tool for conducting visual analytics on data available on property markets across Australia. Values are visualised on a map and can be overlayed with other geospatial information layers relevant to investigating trends in property price