Australian Property Market Explorer

The Australian Property Market Explorer (APME) is an online, visual exploration tool for conducting visual analytics on data available on property markets across Australia.

Property sales information from open datasources are rapidly cleaned and aggregated to produce harmonised data for large ares across Australia. The generated values are visualised on a map and can be overlayed with other geospatial information layers relevant to investigating trends in property price. 

APME requires a username and password for access. The authentication is done through a Central Single Sign On (SSO) managed by the AHDAP project admin. This SSO is designed so that a single user account is sufficient for use with all the applications across AHDAP.

You can access APME via this link

To create a user account or to get details for a temporary demo account please contact AHDAP admin at and login credentials will be emailed to you. If you already have a user account with AHDAP, contact admin to add access to APME to your existing account (you don’t need to create another account).

User Manual

Download our APME User Manual by clicking here:


Image with AHDAP logo and text that says Australian Property Market Explorer User Manual

APME in Action