Colouring Cities

Colouring Australia

Colouring Australia is a collection of free and open platforms dedicated to fostering knowledge exchange on the urban environment. Its primary aim is to bolster the sustainability of Australian cities by providing a diverse range of open data on buildings to facilitate and drive further innovation and research in the built-environment.

As a digital toolkit within the Australian Housing Data Analytics Platform (AHDAP), Colouring Australia is the result of successful collaboration with various local, regional, national, and international partners, offering access to more than 50 datasets. The programme actively works toward developing open platform code that can benefit other cities. To ensure relevance and effectiveness, the platforms are continuously updated and expanded our datasets and features, and we highly appreciate any contributions you can provide by adding information to our building maps and enriching and verifying our open datasets.

Transparency and collaboration are fundamental principles at Colouring Australia. We are committed to making our data and  code  openly available for use and sharing in accordance with our open license terms.

Colouring Australia is formed in partnership with the Alan Turing Institute's Colouring Cities Research Programme. Currently, Colouring Cities is accessible in Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne.

For more information about our programme, please feel free to reach out to Dr. Matthew Ng.