A precinct is an area designated for a specific purpose. Precinct planning is an approach used to evaluate the suitability of the designated land and the Envision tool provides this functionality. The latest version of Envision has been developed as part of the Australian Housing Data Analytics Platform (AHDAP). It uses existing GIS data to support some of the significant and challenging work of the land use and urban planning process, i.e., analysing suitability using multi criteria evaluation (MCE). The AHDAP-based Envision tool (AHDAP – Envision) provides a user-friendly interface with clear guidance on each of the tasks.

These tasks, which required weeks or months of effort in traditional urban planning departments, can be executed in an efficient and precise way with the integrated modules and functions in AHDAP - Envision. The outputs can then be viewed as a colourful map. The outputs can solve the concerns and desires of different communities in a more comprehensive and understandable way.

Envision was co-created with AHDAP partner, Swinburne University of Technology. 


You can access Envision via this link https://envision.ahdap.org/login

To create an Envision account, please contact admin@ahdap.org



User Manual

Envision Demonstration